Sunday, 16 December 2012

Market Day

For all those in Adelaide avid of all things fashion, Gilles St Markets is a hot spot on the third Sunday of every month. Located at a primary school, budding young designers and collectors of all things vintage come out to play. As well as a number of one off stalls where groups sell their own, sometimes unworn, pieces. Each market day promises something new. And even if food tickles your fancy more than fashion, there are some cute pop up food stalls with some very talented people waiting to take your order. If you, like me, are not prepared to pay $8 for a sandwich, perhaps eating before you step out the door is wise. This market day again provided the goods, I went home with a skirt by label Keepsake, for a tiny $10. The stitching had come apart on the seam, but this is nothing a quick repair won't fix. Stay tuned folks!


  1. Hi !! What a lovely blog you have ! You're so lucky to be in Australia ;)
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    Love <3

  2. Such an artistic and cool post!

    Keep checking my blog- new post next week.

    Merry Christmas :)