Friday, 19 July 2013

Jesse's Girl (Copycat Post)

The cut-out heel on Alexander Wang's Anouck boot had me hook, line and sinker. But the $650 price tag meant left my tootsies out in the cold (and by that I mean trawling through Ebay to find pre-loved steel). Over the course of several months and countless hours spent Ebaying, a promotional email from Tony Bianco saw the end of my quest.

I present to you, JESSE, Tony Bianco's (perhaps not so original) take on the cut-out heel. And the subject of my latest 'Copycat' post. 
What's more, this style is now on sale for a bargain price of $120 AUD! The heal detail is available in a gold, polished black or silver.

Alexander Wang
Tony Bianco

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