Sunday, 31 March 2013

Senselessly In Love

Sydney-based, family run Senso is fast becoming the go to label for innovative, well-crafted Aussie footwear. Perhaps I am intoxicated by the smell of my new leather boots, but this may just be the best purchase I have ever made. Unarguably the black leather boot is a staple winter accessory. It is a foundation upon which countless outfits are built.  But this boot offers more; its eye-catching design is a fan favourite (I had to pre-order and wait up to three weeks to receive it) and with leather upper and lining it’s very comfortable. Though going sockless irks me a little, the effect, I assure you, is well worth it. Check them out, along with countless more on Senso’s online shop, they have many interpretations of this charming design.

Boots: Senso, Qimat III

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